Top 20 Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

The Importance of Social Media for Lawyers Marketing their Practice Online

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys

Most attorneys cringe when they hear the word social media. They know their employees spend entirely too much time on Facebook. They know their children spend entirely too much time on My Space. They hear other attorneys talking about discussions on LinkedIn or AVVO’s rating system. But these attorneys don’t understand how social media will revolutionize the way their ideal clients find an attorney. They don’t know where to begin so they never take the plunge.

For busy attorneys, we offer a simple solution that will save you both time and frustration. We create your profiles. We show you easy steps to promote the information you are already publishing. Does your firm have a newsletter? Did an attorney in your practice recently write an article or speak at a CLE conference? We help attorneys promote their practice in a professional way without starting from scratch.

With our techniques you can quickly do all of the following:

  • connect with your local ideal clients;
  • improve your online reputation;
  • send a wave of traffic to your law firm’s main website;
  • connect with the legal professionals you already know;
  • meet other legal professions that you wish you knew; and
  • help your law firm’s main website show up higher in the search engines.

Imagine if all of your social medias were already set up. When you post a note on one site it immediately shows up on many of the other profiles. In a matter of minutes you can notify hundreds of people about a speaking engagement, a recent case result, or an important change in the law.

Often, one trusted employee within your law firm can quickly master the easy steps to effectively use social media. As you watch the progress and see the results, many of the other attorneys in the office will come up with additional information that can quickly be added. Before you know it, your law firm becomes part of the conversation on many of the most popular social media websites for your particular niche areas. Even if you are a solo-practitioner, you can quickly see a huge return on your investment with a small investment of your time.

Top Social Media Sites for Attorneys

The Domino Effect – Why Social Media Multiplies Your Efforts and Saves You Time

In order to achieve a dominating presence on the internet for your particular niche markets, your social media profiles must be created, optimized, connected, and socialized in the most popular social media sites. When the social media sites are set up correctly, the information you create will spread like wildfire all over the internet. One message seen in hundreds of places by people searching for a solution to their legal problem.

Consider these two scenarios:

Scenario 1: A lawyer that does not have a social media presence authors an informative article on some legal topic related to his favorite niche area. The article is published on an article marketing website. During the next thirty days approximately 120 views read the article. Not bad, but now consider the second scenario.

Scenario 2: A lawyer with a strong social media presence writes an informative article on some legal topic related to his favorite niche area.

  • The article is published to an article marketing website.
  • A summary of the article is published on the attorney’s website with a link to the original article.
  • A post is created on the law firm’s Facebook page describing the article. That post automatically feeds into the attorney’s Twitter account.
  • The post on the Twitter account automatically goes to the status update on the attorney’s LinkedIn profile.
  • The lawyer posts another short description of the article on the law firm’s blog that links to the website and the original article.
  • The law firm’s blog entry is immediately displayed on hundreds of other sites through the RSS feed.
  • The lawyer “bookmarks” the articles and several of the other links just created on the lawyer’s StumbleUpon and Delicious pages.
  • Many other posts or notes are updated on several of the attorney’s other online profile pages such as MerchantCircle.
  • Each of the law firm’s fans, friends, subscribers and connections, and subscribers are notified about the new article. Several of these people decide to share it with other friends or on their own social media websites by pushing a “like” button.
  • During the next thirty days, the article receives over 2,000 viewers. Additionally, the search engines will start to see that article and the law firm’s main website as an authority on that particular niche area. For years to come the attorney will receive additional traffic from the law firm’s potential and ideal clients. Many of those potential client’s will contact the firm to solve their problem in that particular niche area.

Amazingly, creating that entire rush of traffic to the articles and websites discussing the article took the attorney less than 10 minutes. As a result of those extra few minutes, the article received 16 times the amount of traffic just within the first month.

If you are wondering why so many people are using social media, this discussion should help you understand that social media is not a fad. It is a new way of communicating the same information but with better more effective technologies.

Now do you understand what we mean by “Domino Effect?” The best social media sites are interconnected which means they communicate with each other. By multiplying your efforts you can quickly gain a huge advantage over your competition that does not yet understand how to harness the power of social media. Used effectively, social media will further increase the traffic to your website and improve the overall search rankings of the website.

Want to Learn More

Contact us for a free demonstration. We can show you examples of how social media marketing can provide a huge return on your investment. We have helped other attorneys with little to no internet experience quickly master ways to effectively use social media. Or visit our website at Social Media Tips for Attorneys.

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