Local Business Listings on Google Maps for Attorneys

Law Firm Local Search Engine Marketing Google Business ListingsImprove Your Law Firm’s Google Local Business Listings on Google Maps

If your law firm has not claimed a local business listing Google Places then you are missing out on a great marketing tool. Many consider Google’s local business listings to be the “new Yellow Pages” for marketing small businesses. Attorneys can create a business listing that can show up ahead of even the organic listings. Best of all, it doesn’t cost even a penny per click.

A few years ago attorneys were able to optimize the listings with little effort and still see their law firm at the top of categories such as “San Diego Personal Injury Attorney” or “Dallas DUI Lawyer.” Those attorneys quickly realized how profitable those listings were to their practice. As other attorneys created their own profile, remaining at the top became more competitive.

Today, many law firms hire marketing professionals to optimize their Google Places business listing. At Internet LAVA we work hard to keep our attorneys at the top of Google Places, as well as optimizing the local business listings for Bing Maps and Yahoo Local.

Google Places for Law Firms, Attorneys, Lawyers

The Importance of Optimizing Local Business Listings

Optimizing your local business listing on Google Places is increasingly important because many of your clients will search for an attorney on their smart phone such as an iPhone, Droid, Palm or Blackberry. In many of those searches, only the top business listing profiles will show up, while the organic listings can not be found unless the viewer clicks through to the next page.

And yes, in certain practice categories such as criminal defense, immigration law and personal injury, an individual will use the listings on their smart mobile phone in much the same way as they found an attorney from the phone book just a few years ago.

Additionally, many smart phones use GPS systems that can identify the users precise location. The location information is then used by search engine maps to highlight local businesses that are nearby even if the user is on vacation.

The Importance of Reviews on Google Places

Another important part of optimizing your local business listing on Google Places is having a great place for your past clients to post a review of your law firm. Those reviews are then displayed on your local business profile which is key component of the ranking system. Even reviews posted on other websites can be pulled into your Google Places business profile. Google puts great weight on reviews from websites such as Yelp and InsiderPages. Information can also be pulled in from AVVO, YellowPages.com and other websites. Therefore, having an effective online presence is key to seeing your business listing at the top of Google Places.

Our Solutions

In many cases the results we achieve for our clients are immediate. At Internet LAVA, we help attorneys set up and optimize the information on their local business listings for Google Places, as well as Bing Maps and Yahoo! Local:

1. Listing information about your most important practice areas and niche categories;

2. Determining the proper location settings and service areas;

3. Uploading properly tagged photographs of attorneys in your law firm, your office, the lobby, logos, or other branding material that conveys a professional image for your law firm;

4. Uploading properly optimized videos that discuss your key practice areas;

5. Providing information that distinguishes your law firm;

6. Creating other online profiles so that the information can be pulled into your Google Places business listing profile.

If you are interested in finding our more about the services that we provide to busy attorneys, then contact Internet LAVA for a free evaluation to discuss our strategies for helping your law firm dominate the search engines.

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