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Internet Marketing for Criminal Defense Attorneys

Website design for Criminal Defense AttorneysAt Internet LAVA we focus exclusively on internet marketing and website design for law firms. We focus on building websites for criminal defense attorneys that dominate the search engines.

Criminal and DUI defense remains one of the most competitive areas of internet marketing for attorneys. Many attorneys are spending a small fortune on pay per click which is no longer an effective way to marketing a criminal defense practice. Instead, attorneys should focus their resources on creating a powerful website based on great content.

How Your Ideal Clients Begin Their Search for an Attorney

When someone begins their search for a criminal defense attorney that research the criminal charge pending against them and possible punishments and defenses. These individuals are looking for answers to their general questions about very specific criminal charges and defenses. Criminal defense attorneys already know what their potential clients want to know early in their case. These attorneys answer the same questions over and over again during their initial consultations:

  1. What are the maximum and minimum punishments;
  2. What are the possible defenses that might apply to their case;
  3. How many similar cases as the attorney handled in the past;
  4. What were the results in those cases;
  5. What are the possible collateral consequences to their future employment and educational opportunities?

A website should answer all of these initial questions for the client. The size and scope of the website depends on the goals of the law firm. Many law firms focus on particular niche areas within the criminal defense field. Many criminal defense attorneys focus on DUI cases. Others focus on serious felony cases like drug trafficking. Some criminal defense attorneys focus on marijuana defense from simple possession to larger cultivation cases. Many attorneys want to dominate all of these areas of criminal defense for their particular city or county.

Why do I need so much content – who will read all this?

When we first begin talking to a criminal defense attorney about our services, one of the first questions they ask is: “Why do I need so much content – who will read all this?”

If the attorney asks that question then they do not yet understand how the search engines really work. No potential client is going to read all of the content. That potential client is going to perform research on a particular legal topic targeted for a particular geographical area. The search engine will take the potential client to a particular page, often deep within the website. Many clients will never see the home page of the website.

For a great website, every page is the homepage for a particular type of search. The content throughout the website is often more important then the content on the home page.

The Scope of the Criminal Defense Attorney’s Website

An entire website can be build around one particular niche area or can encompass many different areas. The key to showing up in the search engines is providing more information and educational content focused on a particular geographical area then any other website.

Free Consultation – We Welcome Your Calls

Contact Internet LAVA for a free consultation. During the consultation we will take you on a tour of what your ideal clients currently find on the internet when they begin their search for a criminal defense attorney. We will show you the most effective websites in your area. By examining your competition, you should look at the following factors:

  1. How many pages of content does the website have?
  2. How well does that content answer the general questions for a potential client on any number possible criminal charges and defenses?
  3. How many relevant and highly ranked websites link to that content?
  4. Does the attorney use video and social media to drive traffic to the website?

Once you understand the competition in your area, you must work with an internet marketing company to build a bigger and better website. We create websites with at least 40 pages of unique informative content. Over the course of the next two years we steadily add additional pages of content. In addition to the wealth of information that we post for the attorney, we teach the attorney how to use our content management system to add or edit any word on any page of the website.

Then the attorney says: “Who has time for all that?” If you can send an e-mail you can add content to the website. You simply hit the “log in” button at the bottom of the website, go to the page you want to edit and hit the “edit” button. Then you change the words on the page and hit “save.” Adding a new page of content is just as easy.

Attorneys then ask, “If adding content is so simple, why hasn’t my current website company allowed me this option?” Good question. Perhaps your internet marketing company also represents your competitor. If so, they have no reason to teach an attorney how to dominate the search engines. At Internet LAVA we provide exclusively contracts to attorneys in a certain county or region of the country. Because we are a small company, we have every reason to want you (and only you) to succeed.

Adding Content About Criminal Defense to the Website

By continually updating the website and adding additional content, the search engines begin to see that website as authoritative and powerful. While other attorneys waste money on pay per click, our clients build impressive websites that show up organically in the search engines.

Find out more about how are internet marketing strategies are different. Our cost-effective solutions provide an incredible return on investment both in the short term and long term. Call us for a free consultation to evaluate your current internet marketing efforts and learn more about new strategies to dominate the search engines through effective website design and internet marketing for criminal defense attorneys.

Internet Marketing for Criminal Defense Lawyers –

Criminal Defense Attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada

We designed this website for a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas. The website contains custom designed graphics focused on images specific to Las Vegas. The website contains more than 70 pages of unique informative content based on Nevada criminal offenses including the elements of the offense, possible defenses, minimum and maximum statutory penalties and more.


Criminal Defense Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Click on the link above to go directly to the website for this criminal defense lawyer in Houston, TX. This website also contains unique graphics on each page, and tons of informative content. We also created a video player for the attorney to highlight his collection of videos. Video websites will gain tremendous importance in the coming years as views start to shift from reading content to watching videos.


Criminal Law in St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Florida

A female criminal defense attorney in St. Petersburg, Florida, wanted a unique website that highlighted her personal style. We created tons of informative content designed to answer the questions of her ideal clients. We also created a powerful call to action by highlighting her excellent credentials for certain practice areas such as drug crimes, drunk driving offenses, and domestic violence charges.


Criminal Defense Lawyers in Brevard County, FL

In the highly competitive criminal defense market, showing up in the search engines requires a tremendous amount of unique and informative content based on issues important to individuals in a particular jurisdiction. For instance, each jurisdiction has unique administrative and local rules important for diversion programs, emergency bond hearings, and violation of probation cases. Individuals seek out this information first before deciding on which attorney to hire.

Contact Internet LAVA to Discuss Your Criminal Defense Marketing Plan

We have developed special techniques for criminal defense attorneys across the country who are interested in dominating the search engines. Set up a free consultation to discuss what we can do for your practice. We provide exclusive contracts for attorneys in each jurisdiction so the first question is whether we can represent an attorney in your area of the country.

If so, we then set up a consultation to show you what it takes to dominate the search engines for your specific city or county. We’ll show you what your competition is doing and what is required to outrank them. We believe that the most educated attorneys who really understand internet marketing become our best clients. Call today to schedule your consultation – 1-800-292-LAVA.

Criminal Defense Internet Marketing

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