SEO for Attorneys – How Does Google Work?

Internet LAVA builds websites for attorneys across the country based on one simple idea: creating better content. Heard of SEO (search engine optimization) but need a quick overview of how Google’s search engines really work? Watch this video produced by Google and narrated by Matt Cutts, Google’s software engineer who is currently head of Google’s Webspam team.

This video gives attorneys a basic SEO crash course. Learn about title tags, meta descriptions, using keywords and synonyms on each page of the website, and building a common sense lay out for the website that allows for short, simple and descriptive URLs.

When attorneys start their search to find a website design and internet marketing company they quickly come across three very mysterious letters – SEO. Next they find out it stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” From the lawyer’s own experience using Google, they instinctively understand that some websites show up better than others.

Of course, they know the attorneys in their market area which have the best looking websites. They also understand which websites show up the best in the search engines for the “trophy search terms” such as “Boston Personal Injury Attorney.” But these same attorneys do not understand exactly how they can develop a website that not only looks great, shows up in the search engines, but also causes their phone to ring off the hook with their ideal clients. You know the ideal clients – the clients that immediately want to hire the attorney to address some pressing legal issue. The clients that desperately need legal help and the type of clients that can most benefit from the attorney’s services.

We believe that our best clients really understands how the search engines work. In order to appreciate the results we have obtained for our clients, you need to understand how search engine optimization is not some mysterious, unattainable phenomenon. Instead, our best clients understand that SEO results come from methodical hard work in creating the best content, the most authoritative content, with be best inbound and outgoing links on the main page of the website as well as each interior pages. All of our websites have at least 40 pages of unique, informative content. Call us to find out why a website based on better content naturally shows up better in the search engines.

We created our main website at to provide clients with lots of free information that explains:

  • SEO basics (how the search engines actually work);
  • Tips to improve SEO;
  • Free or nearly free tools to improve SEO for the attorney’s main website;
  • The difference between the most effective SEO techniques on the major search engines such as Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing;
  • Informative how attorneys can supplement the content on their website to improve the website’s SEO results.

We created Internet LAVA for one simple reason. We believe that the best attorneys should have the best websites. Creating websites based on better content has lead to some amazing results for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how SEO works for a law firm’s website. We can take you on a 30 minute tour of what we provide for our clients, how better content leads to better search engine rankings, and how our techniques help our clients dominate the search engines for their particular niche areas.
Click here to learn more about – Attorney SEO tips – our guide to helping attorneys learn more about search engine optimization and how it can help their website in simple steps.

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