Website Design for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Attorneys that focus on bankruptcy have noticed that internet marketing for that practice area is become more competitive. Our company designs websites for attorney across the county. What makes us different? Our websites are focused on better content designed to answer the questions of your ideal clients when they begin their search for an attorney.

We are proud to announce that we recently launched a website for an attorney in Deer Park, NY, on Long Island. Click here to view the website:

Bankruptcy Attorney in Long Island, NY

Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C.
While other attorneys spend their precious resources on expensive pay per click ads, you can spend your resources where it matters most:
  1. A visually stunning website that conveys to right image to your potential clients;
  2. Information on the attorney biography page that can help the client find the best bankruptcy attorney for their particular case;
  3. An easy to use menu that lets your viewer quickly find information on the topics that interest them the most;
  4. We continue to add additional pages of informative content over the next two years;
  5. The websites we create are designed on an open source content management system which gives you the freedom to move your website at the end of your contract;
  6.  The content management system allows you to easily add or edit any page on your website from any computer; and
  7. You own your website.
Writing Content for a Bankruptcy Attorney’s Website
Feed the search engines what they want the most – unique and informative content. Entire sections of your website can be devoted to the most common issues that come up in bankruptcy law including:
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy;
  • Filing personal bankruptcy;
  • Filing business bankruptcy;
  • The attorney fees involved in a bankruptcy;
  • The means test; and
  • Dischargeable and nondischargeable debts including information on student loans, credit card debt, hospital bills, mortgages, and divorce.
A Great Website is Just the Beginning

In additional to designing the main website for the bankruptcy lawyers that we represent, we also created a network of other on-line profiles for the law firm. Some of these profiles are on the most popular websites on the world including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and websites designed specifically for attorneys.

These professional profile pages help the main website show up better in the search engines. Including the attorney’s Google Place Page on Google Maps, Google profile page, and Google Buzz page.

Many of these websites allow the public to leave reviews for the bankruptcy attorney which is quickly becoming an important factor in search engine rankings. Additionally, the profiles allow the attorney to interact socially with other lawyers in the community.

Find Out About the Next Generation of Internet Marketing for Bankruptcy Law

Contact Internet LAVA to find out why our company is different. Our services are focused on providing the attorney with an incredible return on investment. An effective internet marketing strategy also allows the attorney to focus on the cases most desirable to the attorney.

Call to set up a free consultation. During that consultation we take you on a tour of what your potential clients currently find on-line when they begin their search for an attorney. Let us show you the new direction of internet marketing for attorneys.

Click here to read more about Website Design for Bankruptcy Attorneys:

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