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We Build Free Websites for Legal Organizations

Website Design for Legal Assocations and Specialty Bar Assocations



We are looking for our next pro bono project. If your non-profit legal organization or specialty bar association could use a FREE new or redesigned website, then contact Lawyer Legion.

Our team at Lawyer Legion, a division of Internet LAVA, LLC, designs websites for non-profit legal organizations and specialty bar associations.




If you are a leader in your legal organization, we know exactly what you are looking for:

  • We are willing to design, launch and host the website for FREE;
  • The legal organization always maintains full ownership and control of the website;
  • We can create a logo and branding material to your specifications;
  • We have worked with several trusted legal organizations that will recommend our services;
  • We help legal organizations create and manage their social media profiles to stay connected to their members;
  • We put the websites on a open source content management system (CMS) so the leaders in the organization can easily update the website, especially for events and upcoming CLE seminars; and
  • We help the organization create an advanced membership directory.

We recently launched a redesigned website for the Palm Beach Hispanic Bar Association with streaming social media, an easy to use WordPress CMS, and an advanced membership directory.

Website Design for Specialty Bar Association








Also, take a look at their membership directory that helps them satisfy old members while attracting new members.

membership directory for specialty bar association

The websites we build for legal organizations do all of the following:

– help promote the goals of the organization, especially increasing membership and membership upgrades;

– feature the officers and other leaders of the organization;

– promote upcoming events and CLE seminars;

– help automate the application process and annual payment of membership dues;

– replace outdated listserver with more secure discussion forums; and

– create easy to use and organized brief banks so that members can share information.

We are looking for our next pro bono project. So if you are looking for a company to design the website for your specialty bar association or non-profit legal organization, then contact us for more information.


Nationwide Directory for Board Certified Attorneys

find a board certified attorney on Lawyer LegionOn March 22, 2013, our team launched a new kind of online attorney directory. Lawyer Legion is the only nationwide directory acknowledging every board certified attorney in the country in both state and national programs.

We created an easy way for the public to narrow their search to find a board certified attorney. Click here to view the directory:

Directory of Board Certified Attorneys Across the United States

The bar association in each state has different rules for using the term “board certified” or “specialist.” We built our directory around the way board certification programs are organized in each state. The directory also allows the viewer to find attorneys in national board certification programs.

Although the public often knows whether their doctor is board certified in a particular specialty area of medicine, most people have never heard of board certification for attorneys.

Claim Your Free Listing on our Online Attorney Directory

If you are a board certified attorney, please visit Lawyer Legion. Claim and complete your profile. Lawyer Legion provides all attorneys with a 100% free listing. In fact, no paid listings are allowed.

If you are board certified in your particular state or through a national program accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), then we have already added your profile into our directory. In fact, our directory already has over 80,000 attorney profiles. For board certified lawyers, you will find a nice badge next to your name that acknowledges your board or specialty certification.

When you claim your profile you can add the following information:

  1. Contact information and phone number;
  2. Your picture;
  3. A link to your website;
  4. An RSS feed to your blog;
  5. Your biography of up to 4,000 words with one HTML link;
  6. List of your honors and awards;
  7. Your practice areas.

Why We are Different?

Attorneys spend a lot of money on online directories including Avvo, Justia, Findlaw,, Nolo, Super Lawyers,, and more. All of the other online directories charge for either adding your profile or featuring your profile at the top. At Lawyer Legion, we decided to use a different approach. We rank attorneys according to objective criteria including:

  • membership and leadership in trusted legal organizations and voluntary bar associations;
  • speaking engagements at the CLE seminars most important for a particular practice area; and
  • participation in board certification programs at both the state and national level.

Lawyer Legion Directory of Board Certified Attorneys
Please contact us if you have any questions at We would love to get your feedback on our new project that acknowledges board certified attorneys throughout the United States.