Website Design for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Article Last Updated on Friday, May 22, 2015.

Before you decide on an internet marketing company to design or redesign your website, contact Internet LAVA. Schedule a free consultation with Internet LAVA, LLC. Let us show you the websites we design for criminal defense and DUI lawyers across the country.

Unlike larger internet marketing companies, we refuse to take the “hide the ball” approach. Our first job is to educate attorneys about the best approach to creating a powerful website that dominates the search engines.

What makes our company different?

  • Open Source Content Management System – All websites are built on a platform. Choose carefully because if you go with the big companies you are stuck with a “proprietary” content management system. With a proprietary system you can never move the website to another hosting company without starting from scratch. Proprietary just means no one else can use it. “Open source” content management systems can easily be moved if you ever decide to switch internet marketing companies. Even more importantly, a popular “open source” CMS is updated many times a year leading to better results on the search engines. We use DotNetNuke and MODX which are two of the world’s leading CMS systems. One day all attorneys will demand an open source system. The problem is most attorneys don’t understand why open source is so important until it is too late.
  • Own Your Website – We want you to own and control your website. With a great CMS, the attorney can add or edit any of the content on any page of the website. Just press “log in” then “edit.” Make the changes and press “save.” It’s really that easy. With the “hide the ball” approach used by larger internet marketing companies, attorneys have no control and must continue to pay more money each year if they want any return on investment. Never enter a contract without an exit strategy. The big companies make sure no exit strategy exists. We focus on keeping out clients by providing the best product instead of trapping them with a never ending contract that increases in price each year.
  • Better Content – Ever notice how the content on websites for attorneys always sounds the same? At Internet LAVA we have an attorney on staff assigned to your project to write the content based on your specifications. Our content is designed to answer the general questions of your ideal clients based on information specific to your jurisdiction. We discuss the jury instructions, statutory minimum and maximum penalties, diversion programs and possible defenses for specific statutes in your state. If your jurisdiction uses special terms, we use those same terms so that your ideal clients can find out more about the things that matter most. We never use generic legal web copy. The viewers on your website will instantly see the difference. Most importantly, our websites dominate the search engines because we provide the most authoritative, comprehensive, and informative CONTENT.

Find out more about how our websites for criminal defense attorneys are designed to dominate the internet. Visit our portfolio to see our website designs for DUI attorneys, marijuana defense, drug crimes, domestic violence and white collar crime attorneys.

Because we have built websites for criminal defense attorneys across the country, our services provide a better return on investment. Isn’t that the point? You want to spend money on a website so that your law firm benefits from an incredible return on that investment. Unless you dominate the search engines for your city and county, you will never see a great return on investment. Let us show you the results we have obtained for each of our clients. Our clients are happy because they have a professional website that provides the best return on investment.

Visit our main website to learn more about – website design for criminal defense attorneys.

Website Design for Criminal Defense Lawyers –

Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Visit our most recently launched website for a criminal defense attorney in Las Vegas, Nevada. The website is designed to provide information to both the tourist and locals that are arrested in Sin City, including a section on criminal defense issues unique to Nevada including:

  • defaulting on a casino marker or debt;
  • violation of probation and extradition in Nevada; and
  • defending sex workers charged with prostitution and pandering or regulatory and advertising violations of the law.


Houston Criminal Lawyer in Texas

A criminal defense attorney in Houston hired us to create an internet website that dominated the search engines for many common criminal offenses including DWI, drug trafficking crimes, marijuana defense, domestic violence, weapons charges, and violation of probation. We also created a video player for the attorney that drives tremendous traffic to the website and increases the conversion rate.


St. Petersburg Criminal and DUI Defense Attorney

A female criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor wanted to increase her internet presence through a redesigned website. We added tons of informative content. Most importantly, we highlighted the attorney’s excellent credentials on each page of the website as it related specifically to the topic on that page. The attorney enjoyed a tremendous jump in traffic. Additionally, she began to convert more clients through an effective call to action.


Brevard County DUI and Criminal Defense Attorneys

We created this website devoted to criminal defense issues on Florida’s Space Coast. The content highlights topics of interest to individuals charged with misdemeanor and felony offenses in and around Brevard County, FL.

Call Internet LAVA for a Free and Educational Consultation

Learn more about how better website design and more informative content can lead to the best return on your investment. Find out why we built the best websites designed for criminal defense attorneys. Call to schedule your consultation – 1-800-292-LAVA.

Criminal Defense Internet Marketing
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How Internet Marketing Can Benefit a Law Firm

How Internet Marketing Benefits Your Law FirmThere are quite a few different ways for a law firm to build a presence on the internet. Whether the law firm has a newly hung shingle or has been established for years, both can benefit by having a well-planned internet marketing plan.

These days many people are turning to their computers and mobile devices when looking for a service. So when an attorney is needed, most times a person will go on Google or Bing and search for “attorney near me” or click on an attorney advertisement online.

Internet marketing may seem confusing but it ties together many different aspects of marketing to help create an online reputation, build your brand, and find the right clients.

Internet Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Internet marketing is getting a lot more attention in the recent years since many people have stopped focusing on the old paper directories and radio ads. Now that people have started searching and researching online it is important for a law firm to have control over what their viewers can see. Not only can you control what your viewers see, but you can also control who you reach out to.

With traditional marketing, such as newspaper ads, TV ads and billboards, not only are you spending an immense amount of money for exposure but you are making yourself visible to a crowd, which may not be in need of your services. No longer is traditional marketing the most cost effective and best converting way to get clients.

With internet marketing you can pick and choose the types of clients you want and instead of putting yourself in front of every person that passes by. You’ll be noticed by those that are actually looking for your service to give you higher converting leads.

Types of Internet Marketing

There are quite a few different types of internet marketing. Some of which are used more than others depending on your budget and competition in your area.


PPC or Pay Per Click is one method that many can use when they first start off their internet marketing campaign. This allows the law firm to be immediately listed on the first page of Google, Bing or any other search engine. The business is charged every time a person clicks on their website and reviews their information.

This can be handy for those that have quite a large budget and want to start getting calls fast. This option allows you to reach out to specific areas for very specific keywords so you can control what types of clients you get. However, this can add up pretty quickly since law is a competitive market and clicks can range anywhere from $50-$250 depending on the type of charge, area and time of day.

Once you stop PPC though you will no longer remain on the first page of Google which means that you’ll stop getting those clicks and business may go down.

Social Marketing

Social or social media marketing is can be very useful to get yourself in front of potential clients. By having active social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter you can build your brand by getting in front of your local users. This along with reaching out to your clients and having them leave reviews for you on places such as Facebook, Google+ and Yelp can also help you build your brand by letting others know that you are a trusted company in their area.

Social media marketing can usually be tied in with PPC. For example, Facebook also has paid ad services which you can use to get in front of more people in your area.

SEO Marketing or Search Engine Optimization

The most recommended type of marketing for any company to build their brand, get valuable visitors to their website, create a long lasting and effective marketing plan is SEO marketing. SEO marketing ties together social media marketing and bits of PPC all into one.

SEO helps your website get in front of people on the internet the way PPC marketing does on Google, Bing and Yahoo. The only difference is that you do not have to pay per click every time someone visits your website and once you are ranking in place for your services you pretty much will continue to get visitors and calls until the day you shut down your website or change your phone number.

SEO helps your website be optimized to be found and “favored” by Google and other search engines. By building mobile and user friendly pages with unique and valuable content you can let the search engines know what type of service you want to rank each of your pages for. In the process of building your website, creating content, distributing useful content and creating links throughout the net to spread your company’s name you start helping your website rank better on search results which in turn start getting you visitors on your website.

By combining online reputation management, brand awareness, and creating a useful information hub on your website for your niche you are able to rank better and get in front of potential leads without having to pay every time someone visits your website.

Which Marketing Plan is Best For You?

Overall, any type of online marketing plan will benefit your company. While SEO is the recommend way, many people choose to combine multiple marketing techniques.

No matter what method you choose, it is important to have a well-developed marketing plan to increase leads and client acquisition.

Internet LAVA, LLC is a premier attorney web development and internet marketing company based in Houston, Texas. For years, Internet LAVA has been helping attorneys across the United States, including New York, Florida, California, Utah, and Texas, obtain a strong web presence and grow their business.

The experienced professionals at Internet LAVA will find the best marketing plan that will help you establish your brand and grow your client base. Contact Internet LAVA at 1 (800) 292-LAVA (5282) or submit an online form here for a free marketing consultation.

Starting Your Own Law Firm – 5 Things to Do From a Marketing Perspective

At Internet LAVA, LLC, we have build websites and internet marketing strategies for law firms across the United States. We have noticed several mistakes that lawyers make when starting their practice that become harder to fix as time passes. Get these steps right before you open your doors and you will reap the benefits throughout the rest of your career.

Just ask anyone that works at Internet LAVA, LLC. When we start to build the website for the attorney or law firm, from a marketing perspective, we appreciate it when lawyers get these five steps right.

1. Phone Number – Once you select your law firms phone number, that phone number should never change. Pay extra for a phone number that is easy to remember and has advance call forwarding features. That way, you can forward the calls to your main office’s phone number during regular business hours or an answering service during after-hours. Select a local phone number with advance call forwarding features that you will keep for your entire career.

2. The Law Firm’s Address – Ideally, the law firm’s address would never change. When you open your practice your address will be entered on hundreds of website. Changing your address also means changing the information on all of those websites so that individuals searching for you online will find the right address. Think carefully about the location you choose and the options for growing at that same location. Also, make sure you are consistent in the way you list your address so that there are not several variations of that same address found online. If you open an office at a second location, make sure you also select another local phone number that will forever be associated with that second address.

3. The Name of the Law Firm – When choosing the name of your law firm, the goal should be choosing a name that is simple, unique and will not change over time. Adding the name of every partner presents problems for internet marketing efforts. Although the partners like to see their last name in the name of the firm, it might be better to pick a name that doesn’t change over time as partners come and go.

4. Select a URL for Your Law Firm’s Website – Like your phone number and address, the URL of your law firm’s website is an important part of the firm’s identity. Think of the URL as an address in cyberspace. Another good analogy is that the URL is the foundation of your website, just like you have a foundation on a house. You don’t want to move the foundation. Ideally, the URL would never change. Choose the shortest URL and avoid using the names of the partners in the URL. The only exception to this rule is if you are starting a solo practice and do not intend to have partners in the future. Also, select the shortest URL possible and one that is easiest to remember. Talk with your internet marketing company about the best names to choose for your URL. In many cases, it might be better to purchase an existing and more desirable URL instead of trying to come up with a new one that is available at no additional cost.

5. Take Pictures – They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. That is true when it comes to building a website for an attorney. Your ideal clients want to see what you look like. They want to see pictures of each attorney, the office (both inside and outside), your staff, the waiting area and your conference room. Pictures help the potential client feel comfortable with you and your practice. Pictures encourage your potential client to pick up the phone to schedule a consultation. If possible, avoid using any stock photos on your website. Hire a professional photographer and take plenty of professional photographs. Take additional pictures every few years and use those pictures in your marketing efforts. Tell the photographer to take pictures with the wider end of the camera’s zoom. The wider zoom photos give your website design team more options in cropping the photos to use on your website.


Although these steps sound simple, you really can’t go wrong by getting these steps right from the beginning. When you start your law firm, think about it from a marketing perspective and you will save yourself time, money and frustration. Plus, your marketing design company will appreciate the fact that you got these five steps right from the start.

New Florida Bar Rules for Board Certified Attorneys

Effective May 1, 2013, the Florida Bar’s new rules on attorney advertising took effect. Attorneys that practice in Florida should read the rules in their entirety. See In re: Amendments to the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar – Subchapter 4-7, Lawyer Advertising Rules, 38 Fla. L. Weekly S47 (Fla. Jan. 31, 2013).

The rules governing how attorneys can advertise their services to the public have been renumbered and reorganized. The new rules start at 4-7.11 through 4.7.23. The old rules, Rule 4-7.1 through 4-7.10 will be “vacant” in the Rules Regulating the Florida Bar.

New Florida Bar Rules for Board Certified Attorneys

One important change under the rules applies to attorneys who are “board certified” in a specialty certification program that is accredited by the American Bar Association, but not recognized by the Florida Bar. Under the new rule, the attorney can now disclose that designation in advertisements as long as the ad contains a disclaimer that the certification is not recognized by the Florida Bar.

Florida Bar Rule 4-7.14 was designed to prevent potentially misleading advertisements. Under the new rule, an attorney may now use the terms “board certified,” “specialist” “expert” or variations of those terms when the attorney is certified by an organization accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA) to award specialty certification.

Under the previous version, Rule 4-7.2(c)(6) provided that the term “board certified” could not be used unless “the organization’s program [granting certification] has been accredited by The Florida Bar as provided elsewhere in these Rules Regulating The Florida Bar…” For instance, the Florida Board of Legal Specialization and Education (BLSE) may accredit national or third party organizations to certify lawyers in certain practice areas. Those organizations include:

  • American Board of Certification, for Business Bankruptcy and Consumer Bankruptcy; and
  • National Board of Legal Specialty Certification, for Civil Trial Law, Criminal Law and Family Trial Law.

The national organizations that are recognized by the ABA, but not certified by the Florida Bar include:

  • the National College for DUI Defense®, Inc. (NCDD);
  • the National Association of Counsel for Children (NACC);
  • the National Elder Law Foundation;
  • the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils; and
  • the American Board of Professional Liability Attorneys.

This rule change coincides with the launch of Lawyer Legion, a division of Internet LAVA, LLC, in Houston, TX. Lawyer Legion is a new kind of online attorney directory. All listings are 100% free to the attorney. No paid listings are allowed.

Lawyer Legion recently launched the only nationwide directory to properly recognize board certified attorneys in every state program and every national program accredited by the ABA. For Florida attorneys who are board certified, they should claim and complete their profile in our online directory for attorneys.

Our new online attorney directory allows the public to narrow their search to find only board certified specialist in one of many different specialty areas of the law.

Disclosure: Lawyer Legion is not endorsed by, affiliated, or approved by the bar association in any state including the Florida Bar.

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We Build Free Websites for Legal Organizations

Website Design for Legal Assocations and Specialty Bar Assocations



We are looking for our next pro bono project. If your non-profit legal organization or specialty bar association could use a FREE new or redesigned website, then contact Lawyer Legion.

Our team at Lawyer Legion, a division of Internet LAVA, LLC, designs websites for non-profit legal organizations and specialty bar associations.




If you are a leader in your legal organization, we know exactly what you are looking for:

  • We are willing to design, launch and host the website for FREE;
  • The legal organization always maintains full ownership and control of the website;
  • We can create a logo and branding material to your specifications;
  • We have worked with several trusted legal organizations that will recommend our services;
  • We help legal organizations create and manage their social media profiles to stay connected to their members;
  • We put the websites on a open source content management system (CMS) so the leaders in the organization can easily update the website, especially for events and upcoming CLE seminars; and
  • We help the organization create an advanced membership directory.

We recently launched a redesigned website for the Palm Beach Hispanic Bar Association with streaming social media, an easy to use WordPress CMS, and an advanced membership directory.

Website Design for Specialty Bar Association








Also, take a look at their membership directory that helps them satisfy old members while attracting new members.

membership directory for specialty bar association

The websites we build for legal organizations do all of the following:

– help promote the goals of the organization, especially increasing membership and membership upgrades;

– feature the officers and other leaders of the organization;

– promote upcoming events and CLE seminars;

– help automate the application process and annual payment of membership dues;

– replace outdated listserver with more secure discussion forums; and

– create easy to use and organized brief banks so that members can share information.

We are looking for our next pro bono project. So if you are looking for a company to design the website for your specialty bar association or non-profit legal organization, then contact us for more information.

Nationwide Directory for Board Certified Attorneys

find a board certified attorney on Lawyer LegionOn March 22, 2013, our team launched a new kind of online attorney directory. Lawyer Legion is the only nationwide directory acknowledging every board certified attorney in the country in both state and national programs.

We created an easy way for the public to narrow their search to find a board certified attorney. Click here to view the directory:

Directory of Board Certified Attorneys Across the United States

The bar association in each state has different rules for using the term “board certified” or “specialist.” We built our directory around the way board certification programs are organized in each state. The directory also allows the viewer to find attorneys in national board certification programs.

Although the public often knows whether their doctor is board certified in a particular specialty area of medicine, most people have never heard of board certification for attorneys.

Claim Your Free Listing on our Online Attorney Directory

If you are a board certified attorney, please visit Lawyer Legion. Claim and complete your profile. Lawyer Legion provides all attorneys with a 100% free listing. In fact, no paid listings are allowed.

If you are board certified in your particular state or through a national program accredited by the American Bar Association (ABA), then we have already added your profile into our directory. In fact, our directory already has over 80,000 attorney profiles. For board certified lawyers, you will find a nice badge next to your name that acknowledges your board or specialty certification.

When you claim your profile you can add the following information:

  1. Contact information and phone number;
  2. Your picture;
  3. A link to your website;
  4. An RSS feed to your blog;
  5. Your biography of up to 4,000 words with one HTML link;
  6. List of your honors and awards;
  7. Your practice areas.

Why We are Different?

Attorneys spend a lot of money on online directories including Avvo, Justia, Findlaw,, Nolo, Super Lawyers,, and more. All of the other online directories charge for either adding your profile or featuring your profile at the top. At Lawyer Legion, we decided to use a different approach. We rank attorneys according to objective criteria including:

  • membership and leadership in trusted legal organizations and voluntary bar associations;
  • speaking engagements at the CLE seminars most important for a particular practice area; and
  • participation in board certification programs at both the state and national level.

Lawyer Legion Directory of Board Certified Attorneys
Please contact us if you have any questions at We would love to get your feedback on our new project that acknowledges board certified attorneys throughout the United States.

Website Design for Civil Appellate Attorneys

We are happy to announce that we just launched a newly designed website for Myron Moskovitz, a civil appellate attorney in San Francisco, California.

Myron Moskovitz has also been a Professor of Law at Golden Gate University since 1972. He is a sought after speaker at CLE courses on appellate law, advocacy and procedure.

Click here to see the newly launched website for Professor Myron Moskovitz – Appellate Lawyer in San Francisco, California.

Also, check out the new on-site civil appellate blog we created for Professor Moskovitz on appellate issues in California with recent posts on the following topics:

Learn more about website design for attorneys on Internet LAVA’s main website. We work with attorneys throughout the country who want to dominate the search engines for their particular niche area of the law. We take a comprehensive approach to assisting the attorney by doing the following:

  • Creating a visually stunning website design;
  • Creating tons of informative content on particular niche areas most important to the attorney under their direct supervision;
  • Helping the attorney get starting with a blog for their niche practice area;
  • Creating many social media profiles for the attorney including:
    • Updating the LinkedIn profile for the attorney and the attorney’s business profile;
    • Creating a business Facebook profile;
    • Designing a Twitter account for the attorney;
    • Publishing a MerchantCircle account which contains it’s own blogging options;
    • Optimizing the attorney’s Google Place Page and Google+ Profile; and
    • Much more.

We believe the best attorneys should have the best websites for their particular niche area of the law. Find out how our website and services blows away the competition. Call us to set up a 30 minute consultation.

Schedule a Free Consultation: Internet Marketing for Your Legal Practice

During the consultation we take you on a tour of what your ideal clients find when they begin their search for an attorney. We also help you understand how search engine optimization really works when it is based on better content, custom designed graphics, and an easy to use content management system that allows the attorney to edit or add a page of content to the website in a matter of minutes.

Website Design for Bankruptcy Attorneys

Attorneys that focus on bankruptcy have noticed that internet marketing for that practice area is become more competitive. Our company designs websites for attorney across the county. What makes us different? Our websites are focused on better content designed to answer the questions of your ideal clients when they begin their search for an attorney.

We are proud to announce that we recently launched a website for an attorney in Deer Park, NY, on Long Island. Click here to view the website:

Bankruptcy Attorney in Long Island, NY

Andrew M. Doktofsky, P.C.
While other attorneys spend their precious resources on expensive pay per click ads, you can spend your resources where it matters most:
  1. A visually stunning website that conveys to right image to your potential clients;
  2. Information on the attorney biography page that can help the client find the best bankruptcy attorney for their particular case;
  3. An easy to use menu that lets your viewer quickly find information on the topics that interest them the most;
  4. We continue to add additional pages of informative content over the next two years;
  5. The websites we create are designed on an open source content management system which gives you the freedom to move your website at the end of your contract;
  6.  The content management system allows you to easily add or edit any page on your website from any computer; and
  7. You own your website.
Writing Content for a Bankruptcy Attorney’s Website
Feed the search engines what they want the most – unique and informative content. Entire sections of your website can be devoted to the most common issues that come up in bankruptcy law including:
  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 11 Bankruptcy;
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy;
  • Filing personal bankruptcy;
  • Filing business bankruptcy;
  • The attorney fees involved in a bankruptcy;
  • The means test; and
  • Dischargeable and nondischargeable debts including information on student loans, credit card debt, hospital bills, mortgages, and divorce.
A Great Website is Just the Beginning

In additional to designing the main website for the bankruptcy lawyers that we represent, we also created a network of other on-line profiles for the law firm. Some of these profiles are on the most popular websites on the world including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and websites designed specifically for attorneys.

These professional profile pages help the main website show up better in the search engines. Including the attorney’s Google Place Page on Google Maps, Google profile page, and Google Buzz page.

Many of these websites allow the public to leave reviews for the bankruptcy attorney which is quickly becoming an important factor in search engine rankings. Additionally, the profiles allow the attorney to interact socially with other lawyers in the community.

Find Out About the Next Generation of Internet Marketing for Bankruptcy Law

Contact Internet LAVA to find out why our company is different. Our services are focused on providing the attorney with an incredible return on investment. An effective internet marketing strategy also allows the attorney to focus on the cases most desirable to the attorney.

Call to set up a free consultation. During that consultation we take you on a tour of what your potential clients currently find on-line when they begin their search for an attorney. Let us show you the new direction of internet marketing for attorneys.

Click here to read more about Website Design for Bankruptcy Attorneys:

Social Media Marketing for Attorneys: Do you get it – it’s FREE?

One of the best ways to promote your law firm’s website is by using social media profiles. We help attorneys by setting up all of their profiles for them. Attorneys want to take baby steps into trying out the new technologies.

By having everything set up for you, you can make sure that your image is professionally presented. We save the attorney a tremendous amount of time so that they can focus on social media activities that are most interesting to them. Once we show you the basics, many attorneys tell us, “I finally get it. It actually saves me time.”

Click here to learn more about: Free Social Media Tools for Attorneys

Visit our website for more free (or nearly free) social media strategies to promote your law firm on-line – Social Media for Attorneys.

Attorneys spend a lot of money on online attorney directories, although many of the best on-line resources for attorneys are free or nearly free.

Find more free or nearly free social and business profiles for attorneys and law firms.

SEO for Attorneys – How Does Google Work?

Internet LAVA builds websites for attorneys across the country based on one simple idea: creating better content. Heard of SEO (search engine optimization) but need a quick overview of how Google’s search engines really work? Watch this video produced by Google and narrated by Matt Cutts, Google’s software engineer who is currently head of Google’s Webspam team.

This video gives attorneys a basic SEO crash course. Learn about title tags, meta descriptions, using keywords and synonyms on each page of the website, and building a common sense lay out for the website that allows for short, simple and descriptive URLs.

When attorneys start their search to find a website design and internet marketing company they quickly come across three very mysterious letters – SEO. Next they find out it stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” From the lawyer’s own experience using Google, they instinctively understand that some websites show up better than others.

Of course, they know the attorneys in their market area which have the best looking websites. They also understand which websites show up the best in the search engines for the “trophy search terms” such as “Boston Personal Injury Attorney.” But these same attorneys do not understand exactly how they can develop a website that not only looks great, shows up in the search engines, but also causes their phone to ring off the hook with their ideal clients. You know the ideal clients – the clients that immediately want to hire the attorney to address some pressing legal issue. The clients that desperately need legal help and the type of clients that can most benefit from the attorney’s services.

We believe that our best clients really understands how the search engines work. In order to appreciate the results we have obtained for our clients, you need to understand how search engine optimization is not some mysterious, unattainable phenomenon. Instead, our best clients understand that SEO results come from methodical hard work in creating the best content, the most authoritative content, with be best inbound and outgoing links on the main page of the website as well as each interior pages. All of our websites have at least 40 pages of unique, informative content. Call us to find out why a website based on better content naturally shows up better in the search engines.

We created our main website at to provide clients with lots of free information that explains:

  • SEO basics (how the search engines actually work);
  • Tips to improve SEO;
  • Free or nearly free tools to improve SEO for the attorney’s main website;
  • The difference between the most effective SEO techniques on the major search engines such as Google vs. Yahoo vs. Bing;
  • Informative how attorneys can supplement the content on their website to improve the website’s SEO results.

We created Internet LAVA for one simple reason. We believe that the best attorneys should have the best websites. Creating websites based on better content has lead to some amazing results for our clients. Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how SEO works for a law firm’s website. We can take you on a 30 minute tour of what we provide for our clients, how better content leads to better search engine rankings, and how our techniques help our clients dominate the search engines for their particular niche areas.
Click here to learn more about – Attorney SEO tips – our guide to helping attorneys learn more about search engine optimization and how it can help their website in simple steps.